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Air Conditioning - Types

Types of Air conditioners

Like other appliances ACs come with variety of options each serving its own purpose for particular situations.

Wall or window-based:

These types of systems are installed by making an opening in the wall. They are used for single rooms and are most commonly used because of their compact structure.

Central Air conditioners:

In large buildings, houses, gyms, malls and hotels it is costly to install air cooling unit in each room as well as hard to maintain. Central comforting systems have the ability to produce tons and tons of air cooling through their enormous powerful compressors.

Split Air conditioners:

These types of air cooling systems are newer than wall or window-based ACs. These are getting increasingly popular because of aesthetic styles, less energy consumption and not requiring wall/window slots in order to get installed. Split systems comprise of two units: indoor and outdoor unit, indoor unit contains cooling fan and evaporator while the outdoor unit consists of the compressor.

Portable Air conditioners:

These types come in handy when having outdoor occasions like weddings, outdoor gatherings, marketing a product, yard sale tents etc. Water cooled units making use of water for air cooling can also be utilized. They are an inexpensive substitute for air conditioners and are portable too.

Solar Air conditioning systems:

These are much more expansive cooling units than a typical AC. But if you can afford one this could be a best choice and saves incredible amount of money in long run. Solar ACs are environment friendly as they use UV rays from the sun instead of using electricity. If you are living in a sunny place and are ready to spend some extra money this type is for you.

Below: Four huge outdoor air conditioners used for children's party under marquee or canopy

Four huge outdoor air conditioners used for party under marquee or canopy

Permanent installations:

Hot climatic regions need permanent installation of AC units. For this reason most HVAC providers offer air conditioning systems with various features but everything is a trade-off. Choose durable systems from the best HVAC service providers. Installation must be carried out by authorized professionals so you must be sure that you have contacted the right people for the job.

In larger homes ductless air conditioners are another good alternative. As you have to install permanently do not compromise on quality and long run performance. Some features of an AC system might not be compatible for every kind of situation, so permanent installations require a little more research on the available options.

Air condition unit outside building

Above: Air condition unit outside building

Occasional uses of air conditioning:

For places with moderate climates portable air conditioners are a better option. They serve a dual purpose in both hot and cold weathers. In winter they can be used as space heaters and great for occasional heating purposes, so you only have to pay once and use the system whole year round.

For patients and old people it is necessary to have air conditioning units that can accommodate quickly with temperature changes. Elderly and patients with respiratory conditions need level humidity in air, all year round so portable systems are excellent for their use. These systems are designed like space heaters with quiet compressors.

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