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NEWS 2021

Green Vertical Garden Wall Fulham London

Vertical garden or green wall spotted in Fulham, near Chelsea FC football ground, Stamford Bridge.

How is this watered? It looks expensive, as befits the area (Fulham). Not sure how much oxygen and pollution cleansing this wall might do but it looks very nice amongst the urban sprawl.

Close up Green Vertical Garden Wall Fulham London

We have a big green building section here so why not check it out? See the menu for navigation.

Perhaps you could build a green wall at your home or workplace? Many offices are adding green areas to the flat tops of their buildings, which is a lot easier and less expensive, and can promote well-being for the staff who get involved, as well as helping the environment. It might seem small, but if many do it, it can add up in the same way normal gardens in cities provide a very varied habitat for many animals and plants, more so that the country side which is often farming monocultures e.g. wheat, soy etc. Could grow salads for lunch, it doesn't have to be anything major, or just pretty flowers for rest and recuperation. Check out our many sections on green building. We are about to update the legal, financial and grant situation as it changes all the time here in the UK.

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Spring blossoms cloose up

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Summer jobs - roofing, decking, conservatories

Plenty of outdoor work to be done and not much competion from pubs, concerts, football, tennis...

Coronovirus 2021 and builders, inspections, DIY

Lockdown gives you plenty of time to catch up on your home DIY and garden projects, such as shed-building, workbenches, roofing, green projects such as water butts, ponds, etc.

Now the summer is here, choose jobs that benefit from the dry weather - fix the roof, do the gutters. Sills can be repaired and repainted.

Decking can be fixed or renewed, or create a new installation.

Conservatories can be enjoyed best in the summer - if you have not got one, they can be fitted quite quickly in good weather, and do not need planning permsition as they are not a proper extension.

Should you let a work person into your home during lockdown?

Social distancing, gloves, wash hands, face mask. If possible, be out of the room(s) they are working in. Here is a useful link: Which magazine advice >

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"Thank You for being a great resource, playing my part towards a more caring and eco friendly earth enviroment," - RN Amdicel, 22.8.2010

"Thanks - you're AWESOME :)" - Azeema, 28.6.2010, who is on a disaster rebuild project in Asia:

"We are trying to help rebuild some homes. And guess what, your articles are really helping us make important choices in our work, like what to use, what not to use etc. Thanks - you're AWESOME :)"

It is good to know we are helping with our huge amount of information, and it is always amazing how far the internet can reach.

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