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NEWS 2022

April 23 2022: Floating buildings - made of carbon fibre filled with helium. Interesting proposal called 'Oversky', a conceptual project led by eco-architect Andreas Tjeldflaat. Visit Cloudscapes With Buildings Floating In The Air

Floating buildings Oversky

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Material Costs & Supply Chain Issues

The big issues now worldwide are lack of labour (especially in UK) and supply chain problems. We will bring news of these soon.

DIY Price Increases and stock issues

For the average home builder, and people hiring small teams for lofts, extensions, landscading etc., it is now hard to get anyone to do anything, and if you can, the cost is double a few years ago. Also, random things are now out of stock, even down to builders' trainers and safety clothing.

builders trainers and safety clothing DIY builders construction stores BQ Homebase Screwfix Wickes

In London, many of the large DIY stores such as Homebase and B&Q are closing to be relaced by housing developments. This includes three in Wandsworth, at least one in Merton. Three near the Wandsorth Bridge have all been redevloped. And small stores, usually run by older men who retire, are also closing.

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Spring blossoms cloose up

CAD software Computer Aided Design

CAD advice for types of jobs and free or cheap CAD software with video >


Wholesale prices for small building trade, builders and DIY, save money >

2022 Spring jobs - roofing, decking, conservatories, planting, gardening

Plenty of outdoor work to be done

Choose jobs that benefit from the dry weather - fix the roof, do the gutters. Sills can be repaired and repainted.

Decking can be fixed or renewed, or create a new installation.

Conservatories can be enjoyed best in the summer - if you have not got one, they can be fitted quite quickly in good weather, and do not need planning permsition as they are not a proper extension.

Coronavirus - it's not over yet!

Should you let a work person into your home during lockdown?

Social distancing, gloves, wash hands, face mask. If possible, be out of the room(s) they are working in. Here is a useful link: Which magazine advice >

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"We are trying to help rebuild some homes. And guess what, your articles are really helping us make important choices in our work, like what to use, what not to use etc. Thanks - you're AWESOME :)"

It is good to know we are helping with our huge amount of information, and it is always amazing how far the internet can reach.

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